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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Some more Fantasy with Acrylic .....

Acrylic on Paper(A3) 


I tried to develop this concept worrier creature half Bat half human.A gada with spikes is his close combat bash of it is enough to kill the enemy brutally.its a acrylic on paper.


The extraordinary beauty of Medusa brings any men groveling to their knees.
Her Evil Gaze goes straight  to the hearts of the men filling them with false love.
The slithering snake Head dress blinds anyone who gazes on Medusa.
Her favorite weapon is Bow and Arrow.once a worrier is intrigued  and entrapped by medusa's charm,a quick shot put him into eternal sleep. 


The evil with single horn.he is merciless,cruel creature worrier. become hell powerful when equiped with his battle weapon the Axe and heavy shield.yet onother character concept by me. its acrylic on paper painting.

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